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Reactor Supervisor - Idaho State University

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requires that ISU have an RS to facilitate use of ISU’s AGN-201 reactor for teaching and research.

Key Responsibilities (and time distribution, %):

  • Preparation, promulgation, and enforcement of administrative controls including all rules, regulations, instructions, and operating procedures to ensure that reactor facility is operated in safe, competent, and authorized manner at all times (25%)
  • Directing activities of operators and technicians in daily operation and maintenance of reactor; schedule reactor operations and maintenance (25%)
  • Preparation, authentication, and storage of all prescribed logs and operating records (10%)
  • Authorization of experiments, procedures, and changes thereto approved by Reactor Safety Committee &/or Radiation Safety Committee and Reactor Administrator (15%)
  • Preparation of experimental procedures involving use of reactor. (10%)
  • Maintaining valid Senior Reactor Operator’s license issued by U.S. NRC (15%)

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