Guide To Using NRC ADAMS Search

The ADAMS (Agency Documents and Management System) website is the official way to access public documents from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It can be difficult to use the website. The steps below should get you started.

  1. Navigate to the ADAMS site (
  2. Click “Begin WBA Search” to the right
  3. The suggested method of searching is through the “Advanced Search” Tab
  4. Documents can be accessed in several ways:
      • If you know the approximate date, you can click below property and search by document date or date added. In the operator drop down you can select the date search range. Finally, select the dates in the value area.
      • If you know the Docket Number or License Number, you can click property and select Docket Number of License Number. A list of License Numbers and Docket Numbers can be found here, enter them exactly as shown.
      • If you know the accession number (MLXXXXXXX), you can click property and select accession number. Then enter the accession number in the value section.
    • Once you’ve located your document, check the box next to it and select download from the top.