2022 Meeting Archive

The 2022 conference was hosted by Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania.

Session 1 – NIST

  • The NCNR Fuel Failure Event: Recovery and Corrective Actions – Thomas Newton
  • An Operator’s Retelling of the February 3rd, 2021 Accident at the NBSR – Jacob Seiter
  • Visual Inspection Tool Assistant for Latch Verification at the NBSR – James Whipple
  • Nuclear Channel Noise Monitoring System for Nucleate Boiling Detection – Anil Gurgen

Session 2a – NIST

  • Fission Product Release Estimation using Origen and MCNP – Dagistan Sahin
  • NBSR Reactor Console Simulator Version 2 – Dagistan Sahin
  • NBSR Fuel Management Scheme for Startup – Osman Celikten
  • NBSR Rabbit Tubes 1 & 2 Reactivity Feedback Analysis – Abdullah Weiss
  • Neutronic Analysis of the NBSR Poisoned Hold Down Tube Replace – Osman Celikten

Session 2b – Operations

  • Control Rod Worth Measurements at the Maryland University Training Reactor – Luke Gilde
  • Control Rod Shadowing Effects in Control Rod Calibrations of The Oregon State TRIGA® Reactor – Tracy Spoerer
  • Cladding Leak of a TRIGA Stainless Steel Fuel Element – Andrew Allison
  • Preliminary Results of 2022 Nuclear Testing – Nathan Manwaring
  • Degradations of Flux Wands in ASTR Fuel Elements – Bryan Curnutt

Session 3 – Monitoring and Instrumentation

Session 4 – Modeling and Analysis

Session 5 – Fleet Development

Session 6a- Facility Management

  • Reversing the Lockdown at the MIT Reactor – Ed Lau
  • Restart of the AFRRI Reactor – Andrew Cook
  • License Amendment to Remove the Instrumented Fuel Element Requirement for Pulsing – Steve Reese

Session 6b – Reactor Experiments

Session 7 – Operations

  • OPTIMUS® Packaging for Training and Research Reactor Wastes and Products – Jeff England
  • Cobalt Irradiation Facilities at the RSEC – Zachary Van Horn
  • A look at low activation mechanically stable sample holder materials for long duration high power irradiations – Neil O’Leary
  • Techniques and measurement of neutron flux directionality in-core under various reactor conditions and positions – Ian Hovarth
  • Characterization of new neutron imaging facility (NIF) and its application for visualization of microplastics in environmental samples at Penn State Radiation Science and Engineering Center – Alibek Kenges
  • Advancing the Next-Generation of Research Reactors at UIUC – Clive Townsend

NRC Presentations