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Assistant RSO - Penn State University

The Pennsylvania State University Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is seeking an Assistant Radiation Safety Officer with broad knowledge and experience in all aspects of a comprehensive Radiation Safety program to ensure the safety of employees, students, contractors, and the public.  The position also helps in achieving compliance with state and federal regulations at all University locations. This position manages several large or complex radiation safety programs, and provides technical guidance and, with the guidance of the Radiation Safety Officer, leadership to Radiation Protection Office staff members.


The successful candidate will manage the following programs:

  • The University's Broadscope Radioactive Materials Program.

  • Emergency Response program & the Radioactive Materials Security program.

  • The University's Dosimetry Programs, including the bioassay program. Assists team members with dose investigations, when necessary.

  • Non-ionizing radiation safety program.

  • The radon program, and other environmental radioactivity management programs as applicable.


Additional responsibilities include:

  • Support the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) by preparing for and attending UIC and RSEC Safeguards meetings when possible.

  • Participate as a member of the EHS team, providing other departmental staff members with cooperation and support to further departmental mission.

  • Assist the RSO with providing leadership and guidance to the radiation protection office staff, and serve as the RSO when the RSO is unavailable.

  • Oversee and provide program management of the group's internal procedures and recordkeeping processes.

  • Assist to implement or help to implement a wide variety of radiation safety services across a large research University environment in a manner that allows for safe & efficient education and research to take place.


Education and experience:

Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in higher in a Science, Engineering or related discipline plus 5 years of related experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 


Certification as a Health Physicist is preferred. Familiarization or experience working in a research or clinical laboratory setting with the presence of chemical, biological, or radiological hazards is also required. Demonstrated experience communicating technical information to a wide range of audiences is necessary. 


Apply here: