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Reactor Operations Engineer, Maintenance, & Operations - Washington State University

The Reactor Operations Engineer, Maintenance, & Operations position is responsible for designing, assessing, approving, and performing research reactor maintenance activities and operations planning in support of fundamental and applied science research projects across the Nuclear Science Center (NSC) and the NSC 1MW TRIGA research reactor. This includes performing work in support of scientific or engineering research which provides practical experience for graduate and undergraduate students, research technicians, and reactor operators; using advanced skills and knowledge to perform the following non-inclusive list of tasks, perform complex investigative procedures; modifies procedures to accomplish operational and maintenance goals; collect, process, and analyze data; and run research protocols.


This position will serve as a senior reactor operator and will ensure quality and safety controls, review regulations, and maintain the operational goals of the facility, as well as makes recommendations and conclusions, which will serve as the basis for decision making in the NSC reactor operations group.


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