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Paragon Energy Solutions now supports Thermo Fisher’s Gamma Metrics Neutron Flux Monitoring product line

We’re excited to announce that Paragon has completed the acquisition of the Thermo Fisher’s Gamma Metrics Neutron Flux Monitoring product line. The attached announcement is approved for distribution to the TRTR community.

I will be the prime contact for this acquisition and any questions that the community has. We have a special contact email address for questions:  Please note, this is different than my everyday email address.

Most importantly, the existing user base will need to consent to Thermo Fisher sharing their specific installation information (order history, customer-specific drawing, etc.) with Paragon. We are asking all existing users to consent to this information sharing as quickly as possible.  Thermo should have sent notification to all users this morning.


Best regards,

John C. Portillo

Vice President, Sales Operations

(817) 239-1693 (C) |

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