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Nuclear Physicist - IAEA



The Nuclear Physicist (Neutrons) is: (1) a planner and coordinator, formulating, developing, organizing and implementing the IAEA's activities on fostering enhanced cooperation in accelerator and neutron source applications and development; and (2) a specialist, coordinating research through coordinated research projects, evaluating and implementing technical cooperation projects and helping Member States make best use of different types of accelerators and neutron sources as well as related instrumentation for materials research and other purposes.


Functions / Key Results Expected



  • Organize and implement activities (coordinated research projects, thematic meetings, workshops) to support emerging promising applications of accelerator technology.
  • Serve as scientific secretary in Technical Meetings and Research Coordination Meetings and as co-scientific secretary for IAEA accelerator symposia, and participate in other meetings as necessary.
  • Compile, or coordinate the preparation of, proceedings or technical reports and documents. Ensure the quality and timely updating of the IAEA's accelerator and neutron source database.
  • Evaluate and identify novel/existing techniques for utilizing accelerators and neutron sources to bring benefits to Member States from nuclear science and technology.
  • Evaluate and recommend proposals for the award of research contracts and technical cooperation projects in the above fields.
  • Provide technical advice for technical cooperation projects in accelerators and neutron sources.

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