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Senior Technical Advisor for Advanced Reactor Systems and Fuels

Serves as the NRR technical staff advisor for assessment of diverse, first-of-a-kind advanced reactor systems and fuels issues. Specific areas of technical review include: (1) fuel qualification, manufacturing, enrichment and burnup, thermodynamic cycle, material properties, and aging mechanisms for diverse fuel technologies (e.g., fuels based on tri-structure isotropic (TRISO) particles, metallic uranium alloys, and liquid salt); 2) fuel mechanical design and performance requirements,(3) quality assurance, as it applies to the design and production of reactor systems and fuel; (4) calculations of reactor thermal-hydraulic systems and core behavior and performance during normal operation, transients, and accidents; (5) computer code verification and validation; (6) principal design criteria; (7) licensing basis event selection; and (8) structures, systems, and components classification. Evaluates the above technical areas as applied to assuring the safe operation of advanced reactors. Independently identifies, evaluates, and pursues the resolution of safety significant issues related to the integrity of advanced reactor designs. Provides authoritative consultation, guidance, assistance, and recommendations on issues related to the safe operation of advanced reactors, with a focus on fuels related aspects, including the applicability of NRC regulations, guidance documents, and industry codes and standards. Independently performs state-of-the-art evaluations and assists in maintaining state-of-the-art analysis capabilities related to plant systems and fuel performance within the Division.


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