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Research Reactors in North America

NameTypePower (kW)LocationExperimental Capabilities
Advanced Test Reactor – Critical (ATRC)MTR-Pool5Idaho Falls, Idaho, USAFor testing reactivity effects in the ATR
Advanced Test Reactor (ATR)MTR-Pressurized250000Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA4’X5” Static Irradiations, Rabbits (.5”X2.1”),
“Small Amount” of Fissile
Annular Core Research Reactor (ACRR)Pulsed Pool – TRIGA using BeO fuel Moderator Elements4000Albuquerque, New Mexico, USACan be pulsed to 35 GW, 9″ and 20″ In- Core Irradiation Cavities, Neutron Imaging
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute Research Reactor (AFRRI-TRIGA)TRIGA Mk. F1000Bethesda, Maryland, USAFast and Thermal Irradiation Rooms
CometCritical Assembly Table0.5Las Vegas, Nevada, USAGeneral-purpose, heavy-duty, vertical-lift assembly designed for flexibility in conducting a variety of critical experiments
Dow TRIGA Research Reactor (DTRR)TRIGA Mk. I300Midland, Michigan, USACentral Thimble, Rabbit, Rotary Specimen Rack
École Polytechnique de Montréal SLOWPOKESLOWPOKE-220Montreal, Quebec, Canada6 Pneumatic Rabbits, Neutron Activation Analysis
Flat-TopCritical Assembly0.1Las Vegas, Nevada, USASpherical fast benchmark critical assembly
GE Nuclear Test Reactor (NTR)Graphite Mod.100Pleasanton, California, USANeutron Radiography, Small Sample Irradiations
Godiva IVFast Burst1Las Vegas, Nevada, USAFast burst reactor designed to produce controlled, microsecond pulse-width transients that can mimic a criticality accident in a controlled way, can be pulsed to 90 GW
High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR)Pressurized85000Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA13 Neutron Scattering Instruments, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Rabbits, Flux Trap, Reflector Irradiation Facilities
Idaho State University AGN-201mAGN-2010.005Pocatello, Idaho, USAFour access ports (4” DIA), One centerline port (15/16” DIA)
Kansas State University Research ReactorTRIGA Mk. II1250Manhattan, Kansas, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Neutron Radiography, Pneumatic Rabbit, 4 Beam Ports, In-core and Reflector Irradiation Facilities, Thermal Columns
Maryland University Training Reactor (MUTR)TRIGA Conv. – BSR Grid Plate250College Park, Maryland, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Pneumatic Rabbit, 5.25″ Beam and Through Tubes, Neutron Imaging
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reactor (MITR-II)MTR6000Cambridge, Massachusetts, USAHigh Temperature In-Core irradiation Facilities, Pneumatic Rabbits, Neutron Diffraction, Neutron Spectrometer, Neutron Activation Analysis, Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis
Mcclellan Nuclear Research Center (MNRC)TRIGA Mk. II2000Sacramento, California, USANeutron Radiography, Pneumatic Rabbit, In-Core Irradiation Facility, Fast Neutron Irradiator, Neutron Transmutation Doping
McMaster Nuclear Reactor (MNR)MTR-Pool5000Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaNeutron Activation Analysis, Neutron Radiography, Isotope Production, Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis, Neutron Diffraction
Missouri S&T Reactor (MSTR)MTR-Pool200Rolla, Missouri, USARabbits, Beam Ports, Thermal Column
Missouri University Research Reactor (MURR)MTR-Pressurized10000Columbia, Missouri, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Isotope Production, Neutron Beamlines
Neutron Radiography Reactor (NRAD)TRIGA Conv. – BSR Grid Plate250Idaho Falls, Idaho, USANeutron Radiography, Small Sample Irradiations
NIST Center For Neutron Research (NBSR)MTR-D2O20000Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA27 Neutron Instruments, Neutron Activation Analysis
North Carolina State
University PULSTAR Reactor (NCSU PULSTAR)
Pulstar1000Raleigh, North Carolina, USANeutron Diffraction, Neutron Imaging, Positron Beam, Rabbit, Wet and Dry Irradiation Thimbles, 6″ and 8″ Beam Ports
Ohio State University Research Reactor (OSURR)MTR-Pool500Columbus, Ohio, USADry Vertical Irradiation Tubes, Thermal Neutron Beam, Pneumatic Rabbit, Thermal Column, Neutron Activation Analysis
Oregon State TRIGA Reactor (OSTR)TRIGA Mk. II1000Corvallis, Oregon, USAPneumatic Rabbit, Rotating Specimen Rack, In-Core Irradiations, Neutron Activation Analysis, Prompt Gamma Analysis, Neutron Radiography, AR/AR Dating, Thermal Column
Penn State Breazeale Reactor (PBSR)TRIGA Conv. – Hexagonal Lattice TRIGA Core1000State College, Pennsylvania, USAPneumatic Rabbit, Dry Irradiation Tubes, Neutron Transmission Measurement Beamline, Neutron Radiography
PlanetCritical Assembly TableLas Vegas, Nevada, USAGeneral-purpose, light-duty, vertical-lift assembly designed for flexibility in conducting a variety of critical experiments
Purdue University Reactor Number 1 (PUR-1)MTR-Pool10West Lafayette, Indiana, USADry Irradiation Tubes
Reed Research Reactor (RRR)TRIGA Mk. I250Portland, Oregon, USAPneumatic Rabbit, Rotating Specimen Rack, In-Core Irradiations, Gamma Irradiator
Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center (RINSC)MTR-Pool2000Narragansett, Rhode Island, USAPneumatic Rabbits, In-Core Irradiations, Beam Ports (8″ diameter), Thermal Column, High Temperature Irradiations, Neutron Activation Analysis, Neutron Diffraction
Royal Military College of Canada SLOWPOKE-2 FacilitySLOWPOKE-220Kingston, Ontario, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Neutron Radioscopy and Tomography
Sandia Pulsed Reactor Facility Critical Experiment (SPRF/CX)Critical Assembly0.001Albuquerque, New Mexico, USACritical experiments that employ different reactor core configurations and fuel types, hands-on nuclear criticality safety training
SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor (JM-1)SLOWPOKE-220Mona, JamaicaNeutron Activation Analysis
Texas A&M Nuclear Engineering & Science Center TRIGA Reactor (NESC TRIGA)TRIGA Conv. – BSR Grid Plate1000College Station, Texas, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Pure Thermal Neutron Field, Fast Neutron Irradiation
Transient Reactor Test (TREAT)Graphite Pulse100Idaho Falls, Idaho, USAPulses up to 18 GW for fuel testing, Neutron Imaging, Fast Neutron Hodoscope
TRIGA Mk. IIITRIGA Mk. III1000La Marquesa, Estado de México, MexicoRabbit, In-Core irradiations, Rotary Specimen Rack, Thermal Column, Dry Exposure Rooms, Beam Ports, Neutron Activation Analysis, Isotope Production
University of California, Irvine Nuclear Reactor Facility (UCINF)TRIGA Mk. I250Irvine, California, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Pneumatic Rabbit, In-Core Irradiation Facilities, Rotary Specimen Rack
University of Florida Training Reactor (UFTR)Argonaut100Gainesville, Florida, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Thermal Column
University of Massachusetts Lowell Research Reactor (UMLRR)MTR-Pool1000Lowell, Massachusetts, USANeutron Radiography, Neutron Activation Analysis, Fast Neutron Irradiator
University of New Mexico AGN-201 ReactorAGN-2010.005Albuquerque, New Mexico, USAFour access ports (4” DIA), One centerline port (15/16” DIA)
University of Utah TRIGA Reactor (UUTR)TRIGA100Salt Lake City, Utah, USAPneumatic Rabbit, In-Core Irradiation, Fast Neutron Irradiator, Thermal Neutron Irradiator, Beam Tubes
University of Wisconsin Nuclear Reactor (UWNR)TRIGA Conv. – LITR Grid Plate1000Madison, Wisconsin, USAPneumatic and Hydraulic Rabbits, Irradiation Baskets, Beam Ports, Thermal Column, Neutron Activation Analysis, Neutron Radiography, Isotope Production
US Geological Survey TRIGA Reactor (GSTR)TRIGA Mk. I1000Denver, Colorado, USANeutron Activation Analysis, AR/AR Dating, Isotope Production, Fission Tracks, Rotating Specimen Rack
UT Austin Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory TRIGA Reactor (NETL)TRIGA1000Austin, Texas, USANeutron Activation Analysis, Cryogenic Irradiation Facility, Neutron Depth Profiling, Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis, Fast Neutron Beam, Neutron Radiography, Isotope Production
Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (RCF)Critical Assembly0.1Schenectady, New York, USAFundamental reactor physics measurements and benchmarks evaluating material specimens with relatively high reactivity worth
Washington State University Reactor (WSUR)TRIGA Conv. – LITR Grid Plate1000Pullman, Washington, USANeutron Irradiations, Neutron Activation Analysis
White Sands Missile Range Fast Burst Reactor (WSMR-FBR)Fast Burst8White Sands, New Mexico, USACan be pulsed to 250 GW, large object irradiations
Zero Energy Deuterium Reactor 2 (ZED-2)Heavy Water Moderated Zero Power Reactor0.2Deep River, Ontario, CanadaReactor physics measurements and fuel studies at pressures up to 8.6 MPa and 300°C with either CO2, D2O, or H2O coolants
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