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Superintendent - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SUPERINTENDENTNuclear Reactor Laboratory (NRL), to assume a senior operations position responsible for oversight of all operations and routine maintenance activities for the MIT research reactor. Will be responsible for scheduling shifts, all routine and outage work, and sustaining required maintenance frequency in accordance with the facility technical specifications and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements; identifying procedures that need updating and performing safety reviews of proposed changes to operating, test and calibration, and emergency procedures and equipment; leading by example, talking to operations staff about performance issues, providing performance reviews, hiring new staff, and fostering a positive safety culture; and working with NRL management to improve workflow and oversight to ensure that safety and reliability goals are met while maintaining or enhancing operations staff job satisfaction.  

REQUIRED:  high school diploma; five years’ nuclear experience; good writing skills; ability to work in a team-oriented environment; senior reactor operator’s license or equivalent experience/authority from a similar facility; attention to detail; English language fluency; excellent interpersonal skills for successfully communicating to a diverse group of staff, students, MIT community members, and external organizations; and ability to lift weights of up to 40 lbs., ascend ladders, and wear and maintain training in use of a SCBA unit.  Must pass an NRC license exam for the NRL within one year of employment.  PREFERRED:  familiarity with and the ability to perform refueling calculations (MCNP); U.S. Navy, commercial, or research nuclear reactor experience; experience in management or leading a team.  Job #22841

U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is required.

Must be able to pass background checks and an NRC physical exam.

More information can be found here: